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Here we have tried to answer most of our frequently asked questions. We try to be as upfront as possible. So if you see a question here that you have and don't see an answer for, please make sure you reach out to us and let us answer your question for you. 

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Quick Question

Are you having trouble managing your finances?

Take control of your finances.Weather you are a business owner or indivuial and want to take control of your finances ,call us today. Belllo's Business Solutions provides all of our clients 1 on 1 support.Bello's Business Business Soultion's is here to help within any way we can.

Below you will find our commonly asked questions 

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The Most Common Question I get asked is am I a CPA?

The answer to this question is no, I am not a CPA. Within the levels of accounting as many other professions, there is multi-levels of education you can pursue. Personally, as I have stated before, I have tried other professions only to find my true career path later in life. What I have done is to pursue more of a level of tax preparation and focus on small business and helping people understand what is the best thing to do for their business. Each year I have to take continuing education to ensure that I am up to date on all the most current tax laws and ensure I can help my clients fully. With tax preparation, there are six levels of certification. currently I am a senior tax advisor or level five.

What information will I need for you to file my taxes?

We have tried to make this step easy for you. We have created various types of checklists depending on what type of return you need to file. What this means is if you file a personal return with no business income, we have a checklist for that. If you have a business that gets filed with income on your personal income tax return, guess what? We have a checklist for that as well. We are always trying to make things easier for everyone at all times so I always feel like the first step to that is to take it step-by-step. I know in my life I love my checklists to stay organized. We also have created data input forms in which you can fill out prior to your meeting or appointment to ensure that we don't have further questions or needs from you to maximize your time. 

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What does tax preparation look like?


The first step to your tax preparation is data collection. We have devised checklists & client input forms to help with this process. Upon completion of the client input form, the staff of BBS will review your responses. Upon review, we will advise you if any further corrections are necessary or additional forms are needed. The next step a tax preparer will be assigned to your individual needs based on complexity. We can serve clients based on all levels of income and return complexity. Once a tax preparer has been assigned, they will reach out to you within 72 hours to confirm all details of submission. At that point, that will be your personal point of contact for all further questions or contact. We attempt to file all tax returns electronically unless, for some reason, a client requests that the return not be filed electronically.

What happens if I get audited?

First, we hope you nor anyone else ever gets audited, but these things happen. Here at BBS we have audit protection in place with our software that is available to purchase that provides insurance if this situation was to arise. The cost of the insurance is $49.00 and will recover any expenses due to tax preparer error up to a certain amount if we find the tax preparer to be at fault. Besides that, all returns are double-checked for accuracy for any critical errors or anything that would be considered an "audit" flag before any submission is done as it is our standard as licensed tax preparers to swear that we are providing the best information possible at the time. If you were to be audited at any time then the first thing you would do is contact the staff of BBS so that we can proceed with the next steps to determine what is in your best interest, as you the client is always in the interest we have. 

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How do I charge my clients?

We are happy to answer this question and give price quotes upon request. We have done extensive research to make our prices not only competitive but below the national & state average. With that said, we have come up with prices that we feel are more than fair. You can view the pricing structure per form using the link below as it will download a .pdf file for you with forms & prices. If that looks confusing for you, please fill out the estimate form with as much information as possible for a customized price quote, and we will be happy to provide a quote for you  

Can I have my tax fees taken out of my refund?

Yes! We are happy to offer the service of having your refund fees taken out of your refund. We offer you all the services of large companies but treat you like family. Come, be part of our family. 

How do I charge my clients?

Bello's Business Solutions offers upfront pricing and we charge clients on a per form basis. We are happy to give clients a price estimate upon request as well as you can download the price list below if you are familiar with the forms in which you need to file. We suggest you contact us so that we ensure you get a proper price estimate. Besides this, we offer a variety of discounts. Those include discounts for military, first responders, medical personnel, and teachers in the value of 10% off any service. If you are a client of ours that has a monthly subscription service, we offer a 15% discount for additional services requested. 

What's your #1 Pet Peeve with Clients?

Honestly, I am just a curious person, so I always want to know what everyone's pet peeve is. So, of course, I will tell you mine when it comes to working with clients it is lack of communication. Communication is the key to any good relationship so especially someone in my position I'm trying to help you so please don't be afraid to ask me questions, give me information that you think I may not need, but most of all when I ask a question or ask for information please provide it as soon as possible or at least a response. The worse thing for me is unknowing of what is going on with the other person, especially when I am waiting on a valuable piece of information that I need to finish processing your tax return or whatever it may be. 

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Do you meet with clients in person,
on the phone or via video calls?

All the above! Best of all, we travel to YOU! Bello's is happy to offer the service of traveling to you (within limits). We will be happy to travel to your home, office, or meet you somewhere that is just convenient work for you. We also offer video conferencing, phone meetings and the opportunity for you to meet with us at our location. We try to be the most flexible accountants that you have ever worked with. 

What makes you different than other accountants?

So many ways to answer this lol! To begin, I'm a no holds barred, no filter type of person. But I have a great heart and love everyone as my own personal family. Besides that, I have the soul of a gypsy. So if you take all that and put it in a blender and mix it up, then you have me. My theme song for my life is Kacey Musgraves-Follow Your Arrow, and that is how I choose to live my life. Live each day to its fullest and take chances just like me leaving corporate America during a pandemic to start their own business haha!


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Why do you love what you do?

First of all, you could say it's a family business. My mom started taking me to her work when she was a bookkeeper when I was only in a highchair. Then, as a child, I sorted tax returns for her clients and printed checks for refunds at age 9 for her clients. Fast forward twenty years and the last thing I wanted to do was to be like my mom. Ha, So I tried surgical technology, teaching, computer technology, nursing just to name a few of the career paths I've taken to "not be like my mom." One thing that has always been persistent in all my paths is my love of math and helping people. Growing up, my dad was always a small business owner, then my mom attempted to help him run it properly (that's another story), so long story short, I got the best of both worlds. So I love what I do because it allows me to take the care and love that I have for people combined with all the skills both my mom and daddy instilled in me and let me share my knowledge with everyone else. So yes, I try to help focus on the person who is maybe just be starting out, or wants to make sure that they are doing things correctly. We want to make sure that we make you comfortable helping you do what you love. 

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